I’m here to help you get dressed, get fit, and get going. I’m Tessa, a former pageant queen, current twentysomething, and future professional trying to live my best life and now, helping you do that too!

Why you should stick around:

  • If you love casual clothes, glam gowns, and fierce finds, you’ll feel right at home here.
  • With me you’ll find a network and world of go-getting women being their best selves.
  • Full closet and nothing to wear? Me too. The daily struggle of looking put together, professional, and fun is a reality and something I aim to beat every day!
  • My interest in fitness went from All American gymnast and the University of South Dakota track team, to Mac & Cheese/Chicken Nugget Tuesdays at my sorority (Alpha Phi!), to swimsuit winner and Miss South Dakota 2013. Fitness and health is definitely an up and down journey, and I would love to go on that journey with you!
  • I’ve always loved to write and share my thoughts with others, while including a pinch (or more) of humor and sarcasm…What better way to do that than with my own website?!

I’m looking forward to sharing my crazy life with you – thanks for being here.

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