Even though I was born raised in the small town of Mitchell, South Dakota, I have always had big dreams, big goals, and a big smile. I am a University of South Dakota graduate, the current Miss South Dakota, and a doer who lives each day with intent.

As a “semi-lifelong” gymnast, I have not only learned to work hard at fulfilling my intentions, but to take failure as a lesson and use it to grow in my abilities. I used what I learned as a gymnast (and my gymnastics skills, themselves) to secure the title of Miss South Dakota in June of 2013.

A voracious reader ever since I can remember, I chose children’s literacy as my platform to advocate for during my year as Miss South Dakota. I travel the state speaking to schools about the importance of literacy and what it means to be a state titleholder in the Miss America Organization. It requires much more than heavy-hold hairspray and cheeks of steel!  (For smiling, of course…)

I’m a woman of many interests, but my favorites include health, beauty, traveling, and media. I love reading, laughing, wearing lipstick, and lazy Sundays.

I believe that being gracious comes back tenfold and a little bit of elbow grease will get you pretty darn far.

Get to know me. Hire me. Be my friend. Or something like that. :)

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